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It’s Time to Finish Something!

There are so many projects that I have started but not finished. I created tags for Tim Holtz’s Creative Chrmistry 101 and 103.  His 101 and 102 classes are now in binders. I was out of town during his 102 class.  It feels so good to finish some thing! 

Do you have any unfinished projects that you haven’t finished?

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Ghostly Trees

This turned out wicked!! I used alcohol inks for the background.  You cant see this but the whole background is solid purple.  When I photographed the image, the light reflected off the shinny surface and made the trees appear as if they were glowing.  I photographed it several times with the same result.  I hope to recreate this with other colors to see if they will reflect light the same way.

Happy Creating!!

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Alcohol Ink fun

Alcohol inks are a lot of fun. I have made backgrounds with them a little bit in the past, but I have never used them to make a landscape before. In Tim Holtz’s Creative Chemistry 103 he taught us this amazing technique. I didnt know that alcohol inks were so versatile. Happy Creating!!

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Face Off

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry just ended but I cant seem to get enough of it. This tag surprised me. I wanted a stamp to complement the background and not cover it up.  The face looks like it is floating.

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Mosaic Time

More “Fun With Tags” (instead of Fun With Flags if you like the Big Bang Theory). Texture Paste is the highlight of this tag.  I love to create beautiful backgrounds.  They are just so hard to cover up though.


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Hands on Her Hips

If Gesso were a food, it would be its own food group!!  I love how versatile Gesso is.  I used Gesso and Distress Crayons for this tag for Tim Holtz’s Creative Chemistry class.  The Distress Crayons are so nice and creamy.  I would rub them on everything around me if the object would stay still long enough.  My cats wouldn’t appreciate being blue, orange, green or yellow…I don’t think?