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Fun Festive Paint Brushes

Here are some fun festive paint brushes for the holidays. I’m not sure how small the images on the brushes are on your screen.  There is a little bird on the middle brush dragging ornaments across so he can decorate the Christmas tree on the right. He is asking Santa, “Is it too late to negociate?” I couldn’t help it.  I love the new Dylusions holiday coloring pages! Happy Creating!

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It feels so good to finish something. I created a haunted house photo album for my nieces. I wanted them to have a place to put their Halloween pictures. One niece is dressing up as Supergirl and the other is going to be a Policewoman. I like the colors for this project. I would have never thought yo use purple for Halloween.

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To Keep or Throw Away? That’s the Question!

Organizing a craft room can be so challenging.  In the last 5 years I have bought so many art supplies and thought, “Someday I will make a project with this new purchase.”  Then 5 years have passed and I can barely walk in the room. All the hopeful future projects are now unrealized dreams.

Julie Balzer created a few posts called “Organization Week.”  You can find the posts here. The first step is to go through everything in your room and “Throw It Away or Donate It.” She talks about throwing things away so that you can use your craft room to make crafts and feel the creative juices flowing instead of your  craft room being used for storage.  It is so hard to get rid of all those unmade dream projects.  Every piece of paper I see I just remember the project that just didn’t get made. Time is in such short supply.

I find it amazing how too much stuff is so creatively crippling.

So, I decided that I wanted to create an inviting, creative space that is beautiful as well.  In my search to find beautiful things for my room I was also shocked to find how many decorative pieces for rooms have very little storage capability.

For example, I bought these gorgeous stucco doors that I would love to put in my craft room but they would take up an entire wall.

So the craft room organization project will be continued…

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I Cant Find My Craftroom!

Organization is in progress…

I havent ever really wanted a craftroom that is magazine worthy, but I have wanted a room that inspired me. Jennibellie, an amazing artist, has an outdoor studio and it is so adorable! She created a youtube video touring her studio. Her room is so creative! My room has more stuff than it can accomodate. I am too embarrassed to post a picture of “The Room’s” previous state.

But, I have been painting more furniture for “The Room.”

The brown chest on the left got a face lift!

The chest of drawers after I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk paint. I love how smooth the furniture feels.  The color I chose is French Linen.  The light in this room doesn’t do it justice!

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After Hurricane Matthew

My front yard. In the distance you can see a light colored line. That is the road under water.

This picture was taken from a video by someone driving over one of the towns near my house.  Under the water in the above picture is a four lane highway.

We are stuck.  All the surrounding roads either have trees across them or they are caved in. We didnt have water for a day, nor do we have power, but we feel very fortunate and thankful.

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Hurricane Matthew

We have been watching Hurricane Matthew for a week and a half. I live about 2 hours from the coast in North Carolina and we do not know the path of this storm at this time. Depending on the path we may need to evacuate too.  I hope everyone on the east coast of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina has evacuated and will be safe.  For those in Haiti, Cuba, and the Caribbean our hearts and prayers are with those that were in the path of this deadly storm. 

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Where in the World is Jade Sutton?


Sorry for the vanishing act.  I’m a teacher by day and I love to play with my art supplies by night.  August 18th school started. My new director told me that instead of teaching 6 grades in 2 schools, I would need to teach 14 grades in 4 schools. I spent the rest of August moving my classrooms which is like moving a house.  The more I tried to make it work the more I found it to be impossible.  I didn’t get to enjoy my newly painted desk for long. So, back to the drawing board I went, or otherwise known as filling out job applications. I found a job 15 minutes from my house instead of 45 minutes. Im now in one school instead of 2 or 4.  My husband and I spent most of September moving my classroom home.  I hope to get my school materials and supplies moved into my new classroom by the end of October. I have been spending my evenings preparing lessons and learning about my new job. I hope to get back to playing and posting soon.