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Growing Up is Optional


I just recently traded ATCs with a very talented artist.  Here is my ATC. I discovered ATCs about 5 years ago.  I was completed addicted. I have been out of practice making ATCs.  Working in such a small format was a nice change of pace.

I love Tim Holtz’s style with all things vintage and I love the bright Dylusion colors. I decided to combined my two loves into this ATC and I call this style “VINLUSION FUSION”.  The photo is one of Tim Holtz’ Photobooth pictures.  I look at the picture and have so many questions for Peggy Sue. (The name I gave the little girl). What grade are you in Peggy Sue? Is this a school picture or a professional picture?  Where do you live now?  Do you have a family? These questions and many more help me shape a beautiful life for Peggy Sue.

Do you make up stories for vintage pictures you have in your home?

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My Heart Belongs to You


Getting snail mail is so wonderful especially when it isn’t a bill. Its like Christmas in your mailbox. You never know what is inside nor what goodies you will find in the envelopes.  Ever since I was little I have always loved having penpals all over the world. When I didnt have the money to travel, I could virtually travel via my penpals. Writing letters to penpals turned into making ATCs. I love making ATCs.  The picture above is an ATC made for a Hearts swap.  ATCs are Artist Trading Cards.  They are 2.5 inches X 3.5 inches in size which is the same size as a baseball card.  ATCs are traded like baseball cards.  You make art based on a theme like “Hearts” above and make an ATC about what that theme means to you.  On the back you write information about the swap so the receiver knows which swap the ATC is for.  The information to include on the back is the following: your name, the name of the swap, the date, title of your ATC, name of a group if you joined one, and a description of the ATC. Once you have signed up for a swap in Swap-bot, you are automatically assigned a partner on a certain date.  Then you need to make your ATC and send it out by the deadline.  Warning… once you start it is hard to stop!

A great place to start trading ATCs is Swap-bot.  You create a username and password in Swap-bot, then find a theme you are interested in and then swap.