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To Keep or Throw Away? That’s the Question!

Organizing a craft room can be so challenging.  In the last 5 years I have bought so many art supplies and thought, “Someday I will make a project with this new purchase.”  Then 5 years have passed and I can barely walk in the room. All the hopeful future projects are now unrealized dreams.

Julie Balzer created a few posts called “Organization Week.”  You can find the posts here. The first step is to go through everything in your room and “Throw It Away or Donate It.” She talks about throwing things away so that you can use your craft room to make crafts and feel the creative juices flowing instead of your  craft room being used for storage.  It is so hard to get rid of all those unmade dream projects.  Every piece of paper I see I just remember the project that just didn’t get made. Time is in such short supply.

I find it amazing how too much stuff is so creatively crippling.

So, I decided that I wanted to create an inviting, creative space that is beautiful as well.  In my search to find beautiful things for my room I was also shocked to find how many decorative pieces for rooms have very little storage capability.

For example, I bought these gorgeous stucco doors that I would love to put in my craft room but they would take up an entire wall.

So the craft room organization project will be continued…


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