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Ghostly Trees

This turned out wicked!! I used alcohol inks for the background.  You cant see this but the whole background is solid purple.  When I photographed the image, the light reflected off the shinny surface and made the trees appear as if they were glowing.  I photographed it several times with the same result.  I hope to recreate this with other colors to see if they will reflect light the same way.

Happy Creating!!


You can find me on Instagram at JadeSuttonArt

4 thoughts on “Ghostly Trees

  1. Love your blog theme…now that I have a bigger PC screen (yes, I’ve updated to a lovely HP machine) I can see all the intricacies of your blog’s theme. It’s fun! As to your post, I like the ‘shinny’ surface that makes it look like the trees have a sunset behind them. Well done!

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    1. Thanks so much. It is really cool taking the photo from different angles because the light pops in different places. Thanks for your comments about my blog theme. I am a teacher by profession so that theme appealed to me.


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