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Comfort Food: Candy

While visiting Gatlinburg, it seemed that every corner had a candy shop, ice cream store, or fudge shop.  Candy must have been cemented into my head by the time I got home.  I think candy must be its own food group.  I crave it almost as much as bread, pasta and cheese.  My favorite candy is probably tootsie rolls or caramel creams (Bull’s Eyes).

What is your favorite candy?


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2 thoughts on “Comfort Food: Candy

  1. Gatlinburg — Is that an area that grows sugar cane? Gotta make use of it! Or perhaps the area you were in is like its own ghetto, you know, Little Italy and so on. Only this one would be Sugar Alley. I find that I have bursts of eating candy. It’s a sign my brain needs a boost (the brain needs sugar to function reasonably well), but I try to not overdo it as I am an arthritic and sugar is a huge no-no (we all have our weak spots…lol). I don’t know the names of those lollies you mentioned, but if they’re all wrapped in such colourful paper, I have no doubt I’d enjoy them too! Cheeri-hoo! Enjoy your weekend. 🙂


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