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Venn to the Rescue

Venn Diagrams are a staple in my line of work.  When you need students to understand how two subjects, animals, book, etc. are the same and different, a Venn Diagram can help.  It is a pictorial representation of how 2 things can be the same and how they can be different.  In my picture above I have shown how different scrapbook paper (left circle) is from Deli paper (right circle).  In the middle where the circles overlap the diagram shows what they have in common. They are both types of paper. Venn Diagrams can be used for anything.


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6 thoughts on “Venn to the Rescue

  1. Venn diagram is really a very good tool for education. I like what you did here with scrapbook and deli papers. Also its one way to use up all those scrapbooking papers from scrapbooking days. 🙂

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