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Make it a Double

When my husband and I went to London, we got to ride a double decker bus.  It was a Hop on Hop Off tour bus.  We were able to see an overview of London and then stop wherever we needed to.  They were a lot of fun to ride.  We chose to ride on the inside of the bus because it was the coldest Easter on record ever.  Hopefully, I will be able to go back and explore more of London from the top deck.

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Comfort Food: Candy

While visiting Gatlinburg, it seemed that every corner had a candy shop, ice cream store, or fudge shop.  Candy must have been cemented into my head by the time I got home.  I think candy must be its own food group.  I crave it almost as much as bread, pasta and cheese.  My favorite candy is probably tootsie rolls or caramel creams (Bull’s Eyes).

What is your favorite candy?

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Bed of Rocks

While in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, I saw several of these rock formations in the rivers.  I didn’t really know what they were nor did I understand why they were in the rivers.  According to the website “Friends of the Smokies” the rock formations are called cairns.  They are used to help hikers mark their trail so they do not get lost in the forests.  Cairns should not be in the rivers though.  The website says that the rock formations in the rivers impede rafts as they go down rivers recreationally and they disrupt the river’s ecosystem. So, if you are walking along a trail and see rock formations like these, “Don’t move the rocks!”

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Landscape or NOT!

The theme for this icad was landscape.  Weeeelll, it started out as a landscape, but I went a little too far with the watercolors and it no longer resembled a landscape.  So, circles to the rescue!!

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Which Way is North?

While taking Tim Holtz’s Summer of Creative Chemistry, I have learned so much about the products that I have.  I had no idea how versatile these products really were. Tim Holtz is such an amazing teacher. He explains everything so clearly and visually.  He definitely knows how artists learn.  You can purchase all 3 of Tim Holtz’s Creative Chemistry classes at Online Card Classes here. You will have lifetime access to the classes, so you can work at your own pace. Thank you Tim Holtz for sharing your creativity and inspiring others.