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Objects May Be Larger


I love metallic. I could add metallic to anything and everything!! I have metallic pens, texture paste, and paint.  The above flower has metallic texture paste.

Julie Balzer asked on her blog, “What 3 things would you add to a page so that you would feel it was finished?” My 3 things are:
1. Metallic
2. Texture
3. Text
What are your 3?


You can find me on Instagram at JadeSuttonArt

10 thoughts on “Objects May Be Larger

  1. Good question! When I did my dye and salt prints that I posted recently on my blog, I found adding a metallic imprint of a leaf on top really gave it a little extra zing! I like your page. The Metallic really makes it shine! 🙂


  2. It glows, Jade, lovely!
    PS: I enjoy your work and have nominated you for the Liebster Award. The Liebster Award is a wonderful way to get to know some bloggers whose work you’d like to encourage others to see — If you wish to accept, please visit my blog tomorrow, Sunday 19june2016 and check out the Creativity + Inspiration blogpost. Cheeri-pip! 😀

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