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Top 10 Movies


I love watching movies!!  I guess I’m like a kid, because I’m transported into the story of the movie. When watching a movie, I’m 110% into the movie. My husband says a band could be playing in the living room and I’d never know it. I watch movies just for the fun of it.

Top 10 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over (not in any specific order)
1. Tombstone
2. Harry Potter Series
3. Sabrina
4. Twister
5. Only You
6. Equalizer
7. Live Free or Die Hard
8. Leap Year
9. Burlesque
10. Dirty Dancing

What movies could you watch over and over?


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13 thoughts on “Top 10 Movies

  1. I’m afraid to say, but my movie taste is kind of low. “Caddyshack”, Austin Powers movies, (and James Bond), “The Tamarind Seed”, and the Christmas movie with Chevy Chase. In fact I have watched these movies more than once. Much more. I am the same way, once the show starts, I can’t be distracted by anything less than a flood sweeping me away. Oh, I forgot “Stella Dallas”, I sob at the end every time.

    This was cathartic. Thanks for asking. !!!

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  2. I recognise only two on your list, #3 and #10, both shows I enjoyed. I have to admit to being a fan of the old movies from America’s ’30s and ’40s, all genres basically, as well as European ones, so my list would be extremely long! lol. Nowadays, any movie watching is on the TV and not much that interesting, really. So, I prefer to watch nature or ancient history documentaries.


      1. Sabrina with Harrison Ford is good to. A few things about Dirty Dancing:
        1. Jennifer and Patrick didnt like each other.
        2. The test audience hated it. The producer wanted to send it straight to VHS tapes.
        3. Part of it was filmed in the state where I live.
        4. Its a summertime movie, but filming lasted into the fall. The leaves change colors here and they had to spray the trees green.
        5. The water lift scence was filmed in the fall. The water was 40 degrees F.


    1. Awesome!! I covered the background with distress ink. Then I decided to emboss the paper. I inked the inside of an embossing folder with distress ink. It beaded up on the embossing folder. Thats where all the dots came from. Thanks for stopping by!!

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