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Just Hanging Around


Doodling over the weekend in my art journal.  Doodling isnt relaxing. I’m not very good at doodling. Truely I have never doodled. When I’m on the phone or in a meeting I do not doodle.  I guess I’m not sure where the marks should go. Outlining images makes sense but not all the time. Changing pen colors is an option but white adds that extra pop.  When should I use colored markers or just black and white? What marks should I make to highlight the image? What kinds of marks will detract from the image? These are the constant questions I have while doodling.

Do you find doodling relaxing or stressful?


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13 thoughts on “Just Hanging Around

  1. I like to doodle with ink, probably because I can’t go back and erase it. If I doodle with a pencil, I want to “make something good”…and that defeats the purpose of doodling. Is there really a purpose to it? Maybe. I’m not sure, but I do like doodling now and then. It gives me a chance to feel that I’m creating something in those odd moments of life that happen — those times in-between doing one thing and another, times when I might otherwise be bored but can’t get away from the situation. Doodling is a great antidote to situational boredom.


      1. I tend to doodle after I’ve finished a project because I still want to be drawing something, but I don’t want to “get serious” about the next project yet. So I just doodle. Or sometimes I’ll take my sketchbook to bed with me and just doodle before I fall asleep, especially if my husband is still up watching TV. That’s when I used to read, and I really want to get back into the habit.


      2. It is wonderful that you doodle after a project. I wish I had more time. When I finish a project, I jump to the next project on my list. I do not have any in between down time. That is a cool idea. Thanks for giving me a peak into your process!

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      3. I guess for me, doodling is another part of the learning process. It’s a time when I play with ideas, try to assimilate things I’m discovering in art, and just add a little playfulness and silliness to it all. Sometimes I know I get too serious about what I’m doing. I want to improve, to learn more, to do more. So, yeah, doodling helps me loosen up and get back to the “having fun” part of art.

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  2. Its always a relaxing activity for me. Though I also do not doodle when I’m on the phone or in a meeting. I allot time for doodling and just put in whatever I want. Nobody will say its not right, so I always go crazy and put anything I want.


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