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Growing Up is Optional


I just recently traded ATCs with a very talented artist.  Here is my ATC. I discovered ATCs about 5 years ago.  I was completed addicted. I have been out of practice making ATCs.  Working in such a small format was a nice change of pace.

I love Tim Holtz’s style with all things vintage and I love the bright Dylusion colors. I decided to combined my two loves into this ATC and I call this style “VINLUSION FUSION”.  The photo is one of Tim Holtz’ Photobooth pictures.  I look at the picture and have so many questions for Peggy Sue. (The name I gave the little girl). What grade are you in Peggy Sue? Is this a school picture or a professional picture?  Where do you live now?  Do you have a family? These questions and many more help me shape a beautiful life for Peggy Sue.

Do you make up stories for vintage pictures you have in your home?


You can find me on Instagram at JadeSuttonArt

6 thoughts on “Growing Up is Optional

  1. The ATC is beautiful, Jade, and it is fun to make up stories for “Peggy Sue”. I know she’s a very happy little girl. I like to think she’s celebrating her birthday, and all the bright colored tissue papers are wrappings from the gifts she received. She likes glitter, too. I think she’ll always remain a bright-eyed, smiling child to me. Peggy Sue is a perfect symbol for hopes and dreams and the joy we find in creative expressions.


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