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Dessert First

IMG_8595[1]I have always eaten my dessert first.  Yes, I know it may seem unusual, but why should the best part of a meal be saved for last.  Most of the time I’m too full to eat it after my meal.  I crave sugar at meal times but I don’t eat dessert at every meal. When we go out to restaurants to eat and there is a dessert I can’t pass up, I do eat it first.  Which means most of my meal will get boxed up and taken home.  Some desserts come with ice cream and they will not make it home before it melts, but chicken, pasta, steak, and pork can be taken home and reheated for another meal.  There is some logic in my madness 🙂

It amazes me how people can make amazing works of art with food. The combination of two of my most loved passions (art and food) in one place takes my breath away.  Then when you see something as beautiful as the photo above it makes you not want to eat it.  If the pitcher and strawberries was my dessert, I wouldn’t be able to eat it because it is too beautiful!

Do you like to eat your dessert first?


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9 thoughts on “Dessert First

  1. I’m not much of a dessert-eater — unless it’s ice cream or cheesecake — but I do love “food art”. Especially for Halloween. We always have a huge party for the kids and we make all kinds of goodies. Bugs and grubs, spiders, hot-dogs wrapped up like mummies. Well, maybe that’s not art, but it’s fun. Seriously, though, I do love food art. I’ve seen some very creative examples, especially watermelon carvings, and fruit arrangements. I do good just creating the silly little things for the kiddies.


    1. My husband and I eat ice cream almost everyday. We love ice cream. Our favorite ice cream is Blue Bell. After it was taken off the market we were devastated. It is slowly creaping back into NC. In 19 days we are going to have some Blue Bell ice cream. I cant wait!! I know your kiddos love your Halloween parties!! They will treasure those memories!

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  2. Desserts are anytime of the day for me! But as I am pre-diabetic, I eat desserts after I eat rice now. And I cant eat all of it in one sitting anymore, just a couple of bites is enough. Still a good deal than no dessert at all. But food art makes it so difficult to only eat one….yes, I usually end eating more and exercising a lot the next day. Life…..


  3. Sometimes I’ve eaten dessert first, but not lately. Wow re the photo…just fabulous! I’m always in awe of the creativity I am seeing concerning how to present food, whether savoury or sweet. The pitcher looks to inviting. What was the nature of this exhibition and where?


    1. On my cruise to the Caribbean over Easter break, I stopped in to get a bit of lunch on the lido deck and they had about 10 of them displayed on the dessert aisle. Each pitcher was different. The one pictured was my favorite.


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