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Underneath All the Layers


Initially I thought art journal layered pages were simple.  I would grab a variety of products and tools and throw anything and everything on a page.  Most of my layered pages look like I threw them against a wall.  SPLAT!!! So, when I created the page above, I realized that there are a few guidelines that I could think about as I was adding layers.

My Art Journal Layering Guidelines

  1. Pick fewer colors (4 or 5) Those colors could be varied on a page with white, black or gray.
  2. Pick colors that do not make mud ( Complementary colors will make mud)
  3. Repeat Elements using different colors ( Circles, numbers, triangles)
  4. Layer with a few stencils or stamps ( I used most of my stencils on one page)
  5. Know your product (Which product is water soluble or not)

Have you tried adding layers to your art journal pages?  If so, what guidelines would you suggest for adding layers?


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16 thoughts on “Underneath All the Layers

  1. I don’t follow guidelines, Jade. I just try my best not to create mud. lol! Just play and follow what your heart tell you. Using all your materials in one page is not bad at all. Its how you do things and it shows how beautiful your page is. 🙂


    1. Thank you Carrie. I wish my heart would not tell to put everything on my page. I have very slow internet where I live. Today I was only able to post one of my favorite layered pages. I will add my splat page to another blog post.

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