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Carving Stamps


While taking the class at Donna Downey’s studio, Donna showed us how to carve a stamp.  I carved some stamps in December 2015 when Julie Balzer hosted a Carve December challenge.  I love how Julie Balzer’s stamps create a repeating pattern when stamped multiple times on a tag. Julie’s book “Carve Stamp Play” helped me so much.  I became addicted.  I haven’t carved a stamp in a while due to other projects that I have been playing with. When carving this stamp, I was inspired by Carrie Lynn Cordero’s Self Love 365 Day 28 design.  The right side of my stamp above reflects Carrie’s tangle pattern image found here. Tomorrow I will post how I used this stamp on a page.


You can find me on Instagram at JadeSuttonArt

7 thoughts on “Carving Stamps

  1. I love how you figured that stamp out to look so interwoven with each part matching the other. My first attempt was a disaster but I will keep trying and maybe I will be able to create something like your beautiful stamp one day. Thanks for sharing such a wide variety of images and ideas on your blog. You inspire me!

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