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File Folders Fun

Vase of Flowers

On the first day at Donna Downey’s studio, we were to prep file folders. Some had white Gesso, some had Black Gesso, and some had gray Gesso. We used Liquitex for the Gesso. The above folders are flowers in a vase that we drew with oil pastels.  I had never used oil pastels before.  The first folder on the left is my first attempt and I used the folder with gray Gesso.  I have white and black Gesso but I have never seen gray Gesso before.  You don’t have to use as much paint or pastels when you start with a mid-toned background.  The file folder on the right has white Gesso on it.  It was harder for me to use because I kept loosing the white spaces and I had to keep adding more and more dark oil pastels to create contrast.  I haven’t really drawn anything that is an actual shape in about 18 years.  It felt really good to create something and it actually look like the intended target.  I probably stopped drawing because I am very detailed oriented and it took me forever to draw an accurate image. These file folders will all be bound together in an Art Journal.

Happy Creating!


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8 thoughts on “File Folders Fun

  1. Oil pastel is an interesting medium. Your vases of flowers turned out good. I’ve been looking at both, trying to decide which I like best. I think I’ll choose the one on the right because I love blues and oranges together. I love working on a toned surface. I do all my charcoal and conte drawings — and most of my colored pencil drawings — on toned gray paper. One day soon, I want to begin experimenting with Gesso. Until I read this post, I had no idea it came in any form other than white. Shows how little I know! Thanks for sharing your art with us today.


    1. Thank you for your comment. Gesso is a lot of fun. I like them all. Just a note… you need to wear old clothes when applying it because gesso doesn’t come out of of clothes. 🙂


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