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Donna Downey Studio

Donna mat

This past weekend I took an “Inspired Artist Workshop” at Donna Downey’s Studio.   She has many guest artists that come to her studio throughout the year, but this workshop was with Donna Downey herself.

This workshop was amazing.  She pulled out all of her supplies and showed us how to us them.  We learned the following:

  • How to use different types of Golden Acrylic Paint
  • How to use different Golden Mediums and Gels
  • Pastels (Specifically, Pan Pastels)
  • Watercolors
  • Stamp Carving

After all of our classes we were to bind all of our pages into a canvas cover that she made and monogrammed for us.  I have not bound my pages just yet.  They are much easier to work with when loose.  The photo above was the placemat that marked our spot at the table.  I added a beautiful flower stencil to the edges to make it pop.  I cut the page in half because half of it will be the first page in my book and the other half will be the last. I will post more of my pages as I finish them.

Happy Creating!


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5 thoughts on “Donna Downey Studio

    1. It was amazing. If you get a chance to take a class with Donna Downey, it is so worth it. In the class there were 2 people from South Africa, 1 person from Austrailia, 3 people from Canada and the rest were from all over the USA. There were only 4 people from North Carolina out of 25.

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