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Watercolor Fun



I have started on a few lessons in Daisy Yellow’s Watercolor Playground. I’m currently trying to get the water and paint ratio right.  I know that sounds like a simple task, but for me I have not mastered it yet.  I either get way to much paint which makes watercolor look like ink or it is so light I can barely see the color.  I completed 4 exercises in the photo above using different brushes. The exercises were circles, grid, dashes, and color blending. It is amazing how each brush creates such a unique look. I think my favorite technique is the one on the bottom right and top middle which is bleeding the colors into one another.  Watercolor paints are very different from acrylic paints.  For me there is a huge learning curve.


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16 thoughts on “Watercolor Fun

  1. Where do I find Daisy Yellow’s Watercolor Playground? I want to play, too. LOL Like you, I can’t get water/paint ratios right, and I have so much to learn about different brush types and sizes. I have fun with watercolor, and I hope someday I get better at it.

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      1. Periscope is real time videos. You will need to download the app on your phone. Many different artists make periscope videos. You can comment or ask the artists questions and they answer right then. Anyone can make a periscope video.

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  2. Your experiments are awesome! You have created very beautiful patterns you can use with your other projects. Watercolors are great, you will definitely have a wonderful time playing.


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