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Suggestions Anyone?


My next Art to the 5th Challenge involves using fabric.  I must say that I have been procrastinating.

I went on a cruise a few years ago and met some really nice people.  I told them that I love mixed media art and art journaling.  Everyone I met loved to quilt.  They said that quilting was the best.  I couldn’t disagree because I had never quilted before.  While on my trip I went to various quilt shops and bought all kinds of beautiful batik fabric.  (I did learn that batik fabric was my favorite)  So, I came home found a quilting class near me and enrolled.  The quilt that we were learning how to make was a lap quilt. I will post some photos of it next week.  I cut, sewed, and quilted a lap quilt from August to December of that year.  I gave it to my mother for Christmas.

Now, when I meet someone that loves to quilt, I now have my own opinion about it.  I will be more than happy to pay someone to make my next quilt.  Whatever price tag is on the quilt in front of me, I would gladly pay it because it is worth it to me.

This is what I have learned about quilting:

  1. I am measuring, sewing and cutting straight lines challenged.
  2. Pins are sharp objects that always find ways into my fingers and not in the fabric.

Now, back to my procrastinating from the picture ab0ve. After about 4 weeks, I found the sewing machine again and did not attempt to sew straight lines on it.  I truly would have skipped over these 2 fabric prompts, but I love a challenge.  The picture shows light blue fabric that I sprayed with dylusions sprays and sewed random patterns on it.

Anyone have any suggestions how I can use the fabric above in a journal page?



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6 thoughts on “Suggestions Anyone?

  1. You could use the red one with the lines on it to write on? Like it is an actual page. Or in fact, most of them. Just write along the lines, so the purple writing would be in a square and the green ones would be in a spiral. You could write about your thoughts of the fabric process? 🙂

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  2. I understand about the quilting thing too – I do not follow rules well…Lol! I think it would be cool to attach your different squares together to form a “page” which you could do with hand sewing in embroidery thread. And then just play on the fabric like it is paper. You could stamp into it, fuse paper to it, draw on it – the possibilities are endless! Have FUN and just PLAY is my motto! 🙂


  3. I don’t have any suggestions but I do like what you’ve made and they both make me think of ripples in a pond, or a sun or star. Or the one looks like the bottom of a pair of shoes I have. (this is not helping, is it?)

    I started off as a quilter 20 years ago, made quite a few quilts, felt I had fallen into a bad dream in which I failed all the time due to the same problem you had, but in the nick of time found applique and spent years making fabric collages, or pictorial hangings, I guess. Skipped the quilting part. Loved free motion sewing. Raw edges. Making pictures, not patterns, with pieces of fabric. Lines that were imperfect. From there I went to paper collage and now painting. All done in a non-neat kind of way. All because I could not match up points in quilt patterns, so I have to thank quilting, though I will never do any again.

    So I totally felt at home reading your post. I’ll be interested to see where you go with this, if you do more fabric work! Also, you might like trying painting on fabric, that just occurred to me.

    Thanks for letting me ramble on!


    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I feel that quilting is very mechanical. I think applique sounds like it is more my style. I have not tried that yet. I need some more distance between my quilting experience and now. 🙂

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