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Know When to Hold Them


I love Dyan Reaveley’s sprays and stencils.  I had to have this stencil set called “Suits.”  It comes with the stencil and the mask. For this journal page I only used the stencils. Then I used small stencils inside the larger open spaced stencils.

When I saw this stencil set it reminded me of all the nights my family and I played cards growing up.  It was such a great and inexpensive way to be together.  Those are such wonderful memories.


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8 thoughts on “Know When to Hold Them

  1. Wow, I love that, Jade! So bright and inviting. I want to take a walk through it to see if maybe I might find Alice (of the Wonderland variety)! There are so many plains and caverns of color there! Thanks for making it such a delight to look at.


      1. Yes I play bridge. One of the hardest games I ever learned. And yet some people just ‘get’ it immediately. I am awe of them. It’s fun though.


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