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The Regal Princess was a beautiful ship.  On the lido deck they had this amazing water show each night.  The water moves around based on the music playing each night.  This night they played Micheal Jackson’s music.


This photo is the Lido deck at sunset.


The Princess cruise line has its own island called the Princess Cay.  On the last day of our cruise we went to the island. The temperature was 80 degrees the water was warm.  I walked in the water for at least 3 hours. It felt sooooo good.

20160402_123823The island looked like a paradise.  The people above played volleyball all day long.  Before I left the ship to go to the island I was trying to be very responsible and put 50 spf sunscreen all over me.  Fortunately, I chose not to wear a bathing suit.  I really didn’t want to get sun burned.  BUT, as I mentioned above I walked in the water for 3 hours.  I didn’t get any sun on my body at all EXCEPT for my feet.  I never thought about the sunscreen being washed off.  My feet got fried or VERY sunburned. I got sun poisioning from all the sun. So when I got back home I couldn’t work for the first week and a half because I couldn’t walk.  Ever since then I have been putting goo on my feet everyday and night.  My focus for the last 3 weeks has been to get better.

Now, I can walk and work and all is good. My feet are still tender, but they are much better.  I have not worked on any art since before Easter so I may be a little slow in posting. I look forward to catching up on everyone’s posts I have missed.


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