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Watercolor Fun



I have started on a few lessons in Daisy Yellow’s Watercolor Playground. I’m currently trying to get the water and paint ratio right.  I know that sounds like a simple task, but for me I have not mastered it yet.  I either get way to much paint which makes watercolor look like ink or it is so light I can barely see the color.  I completed 4 exercises in the photo above using different brushes. The exercises were circles, grid, dashes, and color blending. It is amazing how each brush creates such a unique look. I think my favorite technique is the one on the bottom right and top middle which is bleeding the colors into one another.  Watercolor paints are very different from acrylic paints.  For me there is a huge learning curve.

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Once in a Lifetime



20141115_140813Here is the lap quilt I made my mother.  I described my quilting journey in this post here. I sewed the middle design using batik fabrics that matched my mom’s decor.  Then I quilted the quilt.  I do not know the name of the pattern I used to make this quilt.

Anyone know the name of this pattern?

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Fun With Flags


One of the stops I made on my cruise over Easter Break was to an island in the Caribbean called St. Martin.  It is very unique because it is divided between 2 countries: France and The Netherlands.  Forty percent of the island is owned by The Netherlands and they call the island Sint Maarten  The other 60% of the island is owned by France and they call it Saint-Martin.  While on the tour of the island, the guide said that if you lived on the French side of the island and you wanted to call your friend on the Dutch side of the island, you would have to make an international call, but if you called France it would be a local call.  It is so amazing that a call so far away could be local.  The picture above shows the flags where we crossed the border from the French side into the Dutch side of the island.


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Suggestions Anyone?


My next Art to the 5th Challenge involves using fabric.  I must say that I have been procrastinating.

I went on a cruise a few years ago and met some really nice people.  I told them that I love mixed media art and art journaling.  Everyone I met loved to quilt.  They said that quilting was the best.  I couldn’t disagree because I had never quilted before.  While on my trip I went to various quilt shops and bought all kinds of beautiful batik fabric.  (I did learn that batik fabric was my favorite)  So, I came home found a quilting class near me and enrolled.  The quilt that we were learning how to make was a lap quilt. I will post some photos of it next week.  I cut, sewed, and quilted a lap quilt from August to December of that year.  I gave it to my mother for Christmas.

Now, when I meet someone that loves to quilt, I now have my own opinion about it.  I will be more than happy to pay someone to make my next quilt.  Whatever price tag is on the quilt in front of me, I would gladly pay it because it is worth it to me.

This is what I have learned about quilting:

  1. I am measuring, sewing and cutting straight lines challenged.
  2. Pins are sharp objects that always find ways into my fingers and not in the fabric.

Now, back to my procrastinating from the picture ab0ve. After about 4 weeks, I found the sewing machine again and did not attempt to sew straight lines on it.  I truly would have skipped over these 2 fabric prompts, but I love a challenge.  The picture shows light blue fabric that I sprayed with dylusions sprays and sewed random patterns on it.

Anyone have any suggestions how I can use the fabric above in a journal page?


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Thirsty Anyone


I went to Benny Rappas Italian restaurant. These wine bottles were in the back parking lot suspened in a wooden frame. Very unusual.

If you are in North Myrtle Beach, SC anytime, you should eat at Benny Rappas. I eat my dessert first and I had snickers pie for an appetizer. It was the best I have ever eaten. Also, each night they change their menu, so if you live locally you wont get bored with the menu.