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String of Beads Without the String


20160322_174606[1]I watched a Donna Downey Inspiration Wednesday video.  She used Golden Glass Bead Gel on her art journal page.  I had never used it before but I love the effect.  The first picture shows weird colors but I wanted to get the light to shine on the page so you could see the shiny beads.  The second picture shows the correct color of the pages but the beads look like sand in the second picture.  When you look at the page you see beautiful shine from the beads.

Happy Creating!!


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11 thoughts on “String of Beads Without the String

  1. Interesting! I’ve used table salt with watercolor before to create a somewhat similar effect. Well, maybe not LOL. It doesn’t shine like the glass. I’ll have to post a picture of it on my art blog.


      1. It makes a really interesting background.
        Let me go post it real quick on a blog page. I’ll be back with a link in a few minutes.


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