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Now what?

backgroundDonna Downey’s Inspiration Wednesday is so much fun to watch.  She is so creative. While watching the video,   I decided to play along.  Usually, I do not have the same materials and supplies that she has, so I use what I have. The small Dyan Reaveley journal was perfect for this technique.  I punched holes in various pages before I began to play.  I substituted the tape she used for the mesh you see above.  I used fluid and high flow golden acrylic paint on the background and then covered the page with gold paint and acrylic glazing liquid.  When I wiped the gold paint off, some of it stayed in the mesh. I loved the background so much I couldn’t finish the page.

How do you continue to add to a journal page when you love a background so much?


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3 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. Hmm…yes that background is fantastic. If I were to finish the page, I would leave the background alone and maybe put some color to the two flowers or simply add my journaling onto the flowers or both. 🙂


    1. Thanks for your help Carrie Lynn. I really appreciate your help because I’m stuck on this page. The flowers are punched out. Its hard to see in this picture but the white you see in the flowers is the next page. Would you decorate the flowers and put journaling on the next page?

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      1. Aww the flowers are punched out. I was not able to see it through the photo. Maybe you can put something at the back of the page behind the punched out flower, a page from a book maybe just to show text or highlight a word from the book page or you can just write around the punched out flower.

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