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A Snowy Day

Picture 035We get very little snow here compared to so many other places in the world, but when it does know we are frozen in place like the trees in this picture.  I love the sound when it snows.  Nothing is moving outside and all you can hear is the trees rustling.


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5 thoughts on “A Snowy Day

  1. I haven’t seen and experienced snow. My husband says its nice and wonderful only for the first 10mins after he had done his snow angel. I hope to see and experience snow, if and when I visit my sister in Canada.


    1. Carrie Lynn you have to experience snow at least once. If you go to Canada in the winter you will most likely see some snow. Sometimes it hangs around in the mountains in the summer. After you make your snow angel, you need to make a snowman. Wear a lot of waterproof clothing so you can enjoy it longer. The best thing for me to do when it snows is go sledding. Find a good long hill jump on a sled and ride down. Love it!!! Playing in it is fun. Having to go to work in it wouldn’t be very fun!

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