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Do Snakes Yawn?


I’m not a fan of snakes.  Ok that is putting it mildly. I’m terrified of snakes.  If a snake got into my house somehow, I would have to move.

My husband and I went to Asheboro Zoo and I captured this amazing set of pictures.  It wasn’t meal time for our nice little S-shaped friend above. So, I read a few snake owner forums to find out if a snake really does yawn.

According to, Judy (a forum member) said, “I don’t know if they “yawn” for the same physiological reasons that we do…but they appear to. Excluding the need to realign their jaw after eating, they will just randomly “yawn” from time to time. Sometimes stress can cause it. Constant yawning or gaping jaws is a serious indicator of a respiratory infection.”

I’m just happy the snake was behind thick glass.


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2 thoughts on “Do Snakes Yawn?

    1. While at the zoo, the snake didn’t seem to be in distress, but I’m not a Vet. I’m definitely not a fan of snakes at all, but I am glad I was able to see this with thick glass between us. Thanks for your comment Sukanya.

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