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Wings and Things


Santa Claus brought me 2 Balzer Bits for Christmas.  They were Paint Strokes and Scribbled Rose which you can see in the bottom right hand corner in the purple Silks Acrylic Glaze.  The background was painted with 3 colors of Silk Acrylic Glaze: Love Struck, Teal Zircon and Snapdragon.  The paints are real smooth, silky, and they have a metallic sheen to them. I stamped the Scribbled Rose with white acrylic paint on the background and stamped the Paint Strokes bit with black acrylic paint. Across the middle, I glued deli paper with my handwriting using a black Sharpie marker.

The most unusual part about this page is the green circle on the bottom right. I punched out different shapes on some pages throughout Dyan Reaveley’s small journal when I first bought it. The circle is showing a hint of the next journal page in the book.


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12 thoughts on “Wings and Things

  1. What a lovely page! And I love how you punched shapes in your journal so that elements from other pages show through. I’ll try that!!


  2. I absolutely love the combination of images you have in this artwork. One gorgeous thing leads your eye to the next, and it all works so well together to make this a wonderful composition!


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