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Art to the 5th

Art to the 5th Academy

Documented Life Project

The Journal

Last year the Art to the 5th Academy had art journal prompts each Saturday. I really enjoyed the prompts.  You can view the past challenges here.

February Theme
Layers You Will Love!
February 21
Art Challenge:  Repeating Elements
Journal Prompt:  It’s Worth Repeating


I chose the Journal Prompt: It’s Worth Repeating

Before I started this challenge I was completely stuck.  I started about 4 journal pages that I didn’t like.  Then I stumbled upon this fabulous blog called DaVida Nature Photgraphy and I was inspired to create the page above.  You can also find more wonderful images by DaVida on Facebook here.

I normally reach for darker colors but I tried to capture the softness of the photographs from DaVida’s blog.  I used the Bokeh Technique  for the orange petals which you can find on the blog Create with Me. The Bokeh Technique helped create the soft look that I wanted. Then I covered the background with blue, purple, pink and white Dina Wakley paint. Finally, I added some repeating stamps and stencils all over the page. Thank you DaVida Nature Photography for helping me get my Mojo back!!


You can find me on Instagram at JadeSuttonArt

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