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Art Everywhere!!

I am a teacher at 2 elementary schools grades Kindergarten- 5th grade.  At one of my schools, each classroom decorates a pumpkin based on a theme decided on by the class.   The pumpkins are judged and the winning class receives a prize.  Then, the pumpkins are put on display at the annual Harvest Festival for all the parents and family to see.  These pumpkins are so adorable, I just had to share them with you! This is part one: Pictures of the Pretty Pleasing Pumpkins.

Shrek Earth ECU Owl Smurf Wild

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4 thoughts on “Art Everywhere!!

      1. I love what kids can come up with. One of my preschoolers favorite projects was painting toilet paper rolls. We did it for a week. Some even went home and saved even more up, and we just kept on painting. Another favorite project was painting paper plates. We were out of paper at the time, and had plain paper plates. They didn’t stop painting until they had 60 done. We covered two of our classroom windows with them. It looked like a quilt.


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